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Azerbaijan Technical Univercity
Metrologi Stantartisation and Certification engineering


- Prepare and update HSE statistical tracking and trending data;
- Update all relevant HSE laws, codes of practice and standards for the area;
- Implement a site safety program
- Visit each active site on a regular basis and report on any hazards at the work site and ensure that risks to public health and safety are adequately controlled
- Prepare site inspection reports
- Stop any unsafe operation , brief with workers and instruct to safety working
- To check compliance of done works in accordance with company policies and procedures
- Check site safety, fire and first aid for proper maintenance and ensuring that fire and safety equipment is maintained at company facilities
- Prepare and conduct site safety trainings
- Investigate all kind of work related accidents, incidents, injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences
- Assisting with the preparation of emergency response and evacuation plans/procedures
- Conduct training for all area employees in fire and accident prevention activities and in the use of all safety equipment.
-Develop adequate inspection and control procedures in order to maintain a safe work environment and asses the suitability of PTW system
-Develop policies, plans and procedures to minimize risk to the public and employees
-Perform general plant , machine, tools, equipment inspection and asses the requirement of inspecting buildings, machineries before operation, access & egress, material handling facilities & practices, compressed gas cylinders, machinery guards, electrical equipment’s etc. by competent person
-Heavy lifting procedure, preventions and hazards while lifting activities
-First aid and latest fire fighting techniques
-Enforce a NO SMOKING policy throughout the duration of the project
-Recognize all the hazards due to different work actives
-Identify the gas and chemicals hazards
-Scaffolding safe procedure, avoid falls from heights
-Confined space safety
-Electrical safety
-Hot work procedure
-Manual handling safety
-Waste management
-Barrier and signs

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“TCS” training &consulting services LLC
-Complex HSE Course Organized According to the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004 standarts
-Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
-Accident/Incident Investigation and Reporting
-Internal Audit ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007
-Fire fighting
-First Aid
-Breating Apparatus
-Gas Testing and Monitoring lvl 1

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Adil Muradov

Mudlloging Data Analyst, MWD/LWD

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isimde mesuliyyetli, telebkar, ciddiyem, rehberliyin verdiyi tapsirigi deqiq ve vaxtinda hell edirem, kollektive tez uygunlasiram, unsiyyetcilem, bc kateqoriyali suruculuk vesiqem var, isden sonra bos vaxtlarimi ailemle kecirmeyi ve idmanla mesgul olmaga ustunluk verirem.

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